Requirements to Become a Society Member

Requirements to Become a Society Member

Candidate Requirements

1. Submission of an application detailing work experience, special training, educational experience and disclosure of any complaints or legal actions

2. Experience – at least four years full-time experience in a related field or a four-year degree from an accredited university or college

2. Self-study training from a 460 page textbook and a 75% or greater passing grade from a 100 question exam based on the textbook.

Requirement to Maintain Membership

1. Member will present at least 6 life resource plans a year

2. Member will only use analyses and plans produced by the Society for presentation to Life Resource Planning clients.

A New Society Member Signs an Agreement Containing the Following Elements

1. Agree to follow certain rules in the public use of the Society logo, the certification ("certified in life resource planning"), the designation acronym (CLRP) and the disclosure of membership in the Society

2. Agree to abide by certain rules of ethical conduct

3. Agree to obtain a society-provided letter of agreement with each client prior to the presentation of any plan

4. Agree that Life Resource Plans are not to be used for the purpose of selling products or services unless the client specifically requests products or services

5. Agree that if plan presenters are specifically requested by Life Resource Planning clients to provide products or services, presenters are required to provide a written disclosure to the clients that the purpose of the plan was not to provide a sale for the presenter, that the plan presenter will make additional income from commissions or service fees, and that suitable products or services are available from sources other than the presenter. The client and presenter sign the disclosure form and the presenter keeps a copy of the disclosure form along with the original letter of agreement and provides copies of the forms to the client.

6. Agree to a prohibition on facilitating either directly or indirectly the sale of certain products or services to seniors (any person over the age of 65) who are included in a life resource plan.