Requirements to Become a Society Member and Receive the CLRP Designation

Requirements to Become a Society Member

Requirements for the CLRP Designation

  1. Submission of an application detailing work experience, special training, educational experience and disclosure of any complaints or legal actions
  2. Experience – at least four years full-time experience in a related field or a four-year degree from an accredited university or college
  3. Self-study training from a 560 page textbook and 400 practice questions
  4. A 75% or greater passing grade from a 100 question exam based on the textbook
  5. There is a one-time $350 fee for the application process, study materials and the testing process
  6. Designee signs a Terms of Use Agreement for the Designation and Society Membership .

Requirement for Society Membership

  1. Member must have the CLRP Designation
  2. Member will maintain a monthly subscription to the Life Resource Planning Software System – $19 a month for the production of an unlimited number of planning Reports
  3. Member agrees to use the LRP System to produce planning Reports for Life Resource Planning clients.