About the society

About our society

Those of us who are involved with the new concept of Life Resource Planning are excited how useful this process can be to help aging seniors deal with a number of issues. It brings us great satisfaction to know that there is a way to help seniors and their families prepare for the final years and to make life easier on everyone involved.

Members of the Society for Life Resource Planning come from many different backgrounds. Some of our members have been trained in their professions to provide comfort, advice and ongoing care for aging seniors. These might be care managers, home care providers, social workers, nurses and others who are interested in nurturing individuals in need and not so much in what the individual has as far as assets and income or the need for solving difficult problems. Other members of our Society focus on financial and legal and problem-solving issues and not so much on the nurturing part.

Because of the differing life viewpoints from members of our Society, many of us have teamed up so that we can provide the financial and legal and problem-solving as well as the nurturing and caregiving direction. We find that these teams – planning councils – as we call them, make the entire Life Resource Planning process meaningful. It takes a village!!

If you are a member of the public – seeking more information about this planning process – please look at all the information that we provide on this website and decide if this type of planning is for you. If you cannot find someone on our member list in your area, please fill out the request form and we will try and find someone for you.

If you are a provider or advisor, who assists the elderly, Life Resource Planning may be a way for you to further enhance your value to the community. If you want to know more about how to become a member, please fill out the application for the designation and we will get back to you.