Introduction and WelcomE

Society for Life Resource Planning

Welcome to the Society for Life Resource Planning. The idea behind Life Resource Planning is both new and unique.

Very few seniors and their families prepare for the challenges of old age. Loss of independence, physical disabilities and dementia can have a profound effect on aging seniors and their families. The final years of life for most elder Americans are usually difficult years and often result in a dissipation of remaining assets, inordinate stress on family members and debilitating physical deterioration experienced by loved ones providing care.

Life Resource Planning is a new concept to help aging seniors and their families cope with the challenges of old age. A life resource plan is a comprehensive approach to preparing for numerous challenges. These might include controlling debt, reducing expenses, finding new sources of income, preserving assets, preparing appropriate legal documents, discovering government support programs, utilizing specialist advisers and providers for caregiving issues, taking advantage of tax strategies from care, finding government programs for care services and a whole raft of other issues.

Please look around our site to learn in more detail what a valuable tool Life Resource Planning can be.